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SPAM Unauthorized Advertising.

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SPAM Unauthorized Advertising.
I have deleted so many spam messages.
Most common Spammer

[email protected]
[email protected]

I wish there was a way that moderators could vote off members or Ban members from their board. This person just keeps logging in on different names when one is deleted. If we could find the IP Address and lock it out from the website that would be a dream come true.
I got 6 messages in one day for spam and the common thing was (show)
Well show me a way to fight this problem.
I also see that our members list has more 0 posters than people that post.
I wonder if some of those are spammers as well.

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It's the same guy. Mixos has been blocking his IP address but he keeps changing it and coming back as another member. He is the most persistent one I have seen yet. I think if we are quick to delete his posts every time, he will give up. I hope.


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