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Driving IGBTs


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I want to build an H-Bridge with IGBTs since I got quite some here and I'll be switching about 15A. Now, the low side of the H-Bridge is easy to drive since potential that appears on the gate is basically the same as Vge assuming that I connected E directly to GND. However the high side is a problem. I read that I can get the required Vge there with MOSFET/IGBT driver chip or a pulse transformer. I would like to use the driver chip but I don't quite understand the connections to it. I looked at ST web and the chip I like is TD352. As looking at the datasheet:


the way I understand it is that the Vh is 16V. However, is the GND the same as the GND on the picture or it is different? Basically as on the schematic here I am trying to pulse the Vcc which can be up to 80V, so I have 2 additional voltage levels - 16V and 5V with respect to GND up to 300mA used for control purposes. The IGBTs that I am using are IRGBC30MD2. Any suggestion is appreciated.  ;D

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