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AT PC power supply only putting out 10V between 12+ and GND


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i have a old 220w computer psu, so old that its an AT, and was built in '94, im using it to power my 12w x 2 amp that usually is in my school bag with the speakers, but im sick of charging the battery all the time at home, so i rigged it up to this PSU, but i measured the voltage between 12v+ and ground, and i only had about 10.5, dropping to 10.4 when pushing it. with no load its at 10.6
should i just get a new PSU? or is there something I can do

btw i hooked up the fan to the 12v supply but it couldnt be drawing that much, its only an 80mm fan.
its a regulated switching supply (well i assume its regulated), so shouldnt it be at 12v exactly?

btw I have 2 of the 12v+ twisted together and soldered to a wire going to the positive of my amp and 2 of the grounds twisted together soldered to a wire going to the negative, should i maybe just use one of each?
or diodes?

any help appreciated

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yeah theres nuthing on the 5V rails, ill have to try that, i have a little 12v pilot light, ill measure the resistance and see if it will be ok, that way i can see if the PSU is on as well.

there is an orange "power good" wire, should i ground that or power that or anything, maybe so the PSU thinks the "power's good"
or is that so the MB knows that the power's stable
if i used the 12+ and 12- rails instead of 12+ and ground would it get more power?

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