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Gang specifications used in FM receiver.

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Hi Shamim,
Are you talking about a radio's ganged tuning capacitor?

How many gangs depends on the quality of the radio.
A good radio has an input tuned circuit, another tuned circuit following its RF amplifier and a 3rd tuned circuit for its RF oscillator.

A cheap radio has only 1 or 2 tuned circuits.

An AM radio at 1MHz uses a tuning capacitance up to 365pF.
A SW radio at about 20MHz uses a tuning capacitance up to about 65pF.
An FM radio at 100MHz uses a tuning capacitance up to 35pF.

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Dear Audioguru,

Yes, Sir. I am talking about the tuned ganged capacitor which you have clarified clearly which is 35 pf for 100 MHZ for FM requirement. I was also really expecting reply from you, which I got.

Nowhere in the gang cap. there is any mention about pf. how can we know it is of which type? However, some gang caps. have 4-adjustable nuts on top of it, what are they used for? Is it trimmer (antenna & oscillator)?

Thanks for the same.


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