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Electronic Altimeter !!!!! HELP

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Hi folks, I need some help with a project, quite a lot of help actualy.  I would like to build a piece of equipment that I can use to check aircraft instruments.  I work as a certifying engineer for a company that operates a large fleet of aircraft, occasionaly I have to travel to some place where an aircraft has had an air data system failure.  After replacement of new components it is then necessary to confirm that the system is outputing to the displays the correct altitude and airspeed information.  You would be right in assuming that there is available on the market equipment to do just this, but my problem is that I also have to carry spare parts and tools, the available equipment is very cumbersome and heavy and does not need to be.

What I have in mind is a unit that will sense the pressure for the air speed and the vacum for the altitude, the signal from the sensor would be on a non linear scale between 0 and 5 volts which would then need to go through an a to d converter before being processed by a pic and then presented on a 2 line LCD.  The pressure and vacum would be generated by a hand pump, the power supply would be from a battery pack, replaceable or rechargeable.  I think the unit would not need to be bigger than 200 X 100 X 75mm including the pump.

I realise that most of this is probably hobby standard, but my enthusiasm is thwarted by my lack of available time.

Could anyone suggest a company or individual who might be interested in helping me with this project.

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