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button to add a light and a button to take one away???

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Probably pretty odd of a thing to make but...

I am in the need to make a small thing that has a row of 10 lights (LEDs etc) and with 2 buttons and a speaker giving a tone when one of the buttons is pushed.

Button A would turn on one of those lights. hit the button again and it would add a second light and so on and so on, to a max of 10 lights. They would stack next to each other from left to right (from first light to the tenth light)

Button B would simply reverse the and take away the last light given to the order.

Maybe a 3rd button that would to just reset the lights (no matter how many lights are up).  but not needed at all, just handy I guess.

Speaker would just give a beep or buzz or something each time the add a light button is pressed.

Here is a link to a diagram I did that kind of explains better what I am trying for. I hope it helps. http://images.elektroda.net/75_1179456614.jpg

Well if anyone know if this is a possible thing to make, can you let me know.  I can then at least start to research it. 

heh! It has been years sense college electronics class.  I should be able to pull out my book some where in storage. :) I guess I really didn't have much to do this weekend anyhow. :)

Well best wishes and thank you everyone for your time.


Kevin in Alaska

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Use the below links to gain an understanding as to how a counter operates.
Next, purchase a breadboard along with a variety of connection wires.
Finally, start experimenting!




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Thank you VERY much.  I look forward to reading up on that this weekend.

Getting back into the electronics thing has been a fun ride.  I can't believe how much I have forgotten over the years.  I have remembered more then I would have guessed tho.

Thank you for the help.


Kevin in Alaska

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