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adding sound to a clock

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First of all, you have to figure out where to get a regular signal output from your clock in syncronize with the time. Then start from there designing your circuit to make use of the output signal.

e.g. an electrical contact output that you can connect, a notch on the gear set that you can add a micro switch to pick up the signal from motion....

all depends on your intelligence and genius. ;)

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Are you talking about the wind up clocks? Has a dial and arms for hours, minutes, seconds...?

How skilled at small stuff are you? :)

You can use the minute hand as a contact. Then drill a hole in the dial face and add another at the 12 position. This should be a wiper that can be pushed out of the minute hands way as it passes.

Now build a timer and buzzer circuit that runs for N seconds and resets. Use the above wiper/contacts as the trigger input.

Of course for a lot less trouble you could buy a digital clock, but what fun is that?

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