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microwave oven service manual


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hey guys im doing a school physics project on how a microwave oevn works
and im going to go in to a fair bit of detail of all the electronic components like the high voltage transitor and the special light needed and all about the magnetors.
so i was after a service manula on any moden microwave oven

and i was also hopeing to find a explosion diagram of a microwave oven

so any help at all about this assigmnent whould be great
if you got any links to sevrice manuals that would be great to
thanks alot in advance

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Here is a conventional diagram

Also http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/micfaq.htm

Many modern microwave ovens now use a HF, high voltage switch mode PSU

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that the links are great
but im having a bit of trouble understanding how the magnertron works
i know that current flows out the hot filament and the spirals around befor getting tothe anode becuase of the magnetic field

but im not sure about how the rest works
how the current goes into the cavitys and stuff ahppens in there which makes the microwaves.

can someone explain in a grade 11-12 level for my assigment

thanks in advance

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The cathode is generally pulsed with a negative potential using a HV DC source, within the core of a circular chamber the latter cathode is placed.
Angular to the core a magnetic field is constructed which in turn allows the electrons to spiral out in a circular pattern to the anode.
Provided around the outer edge of the core are additional cavities, as the electrons pass the latter opening they resonate at a high frequency.
The circular pattern cause the electrons to push together (group).
A small amount is forced/directed to a metal tube (WG), the waveguide emits the high Freq RF energy to the cooking containment area for heat etc...

Actually, the above process is similar in relation to a klystron tube but much more efficient.
Although, a klystron is better suited for other applications; High power transmitter etc...

Final note: Use caution around any HF wave when experimenting since radiation is emitted in a dangerous manner when uncontrolled; dont take the path of  Madame Curie...


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