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Batteries in portable equipment

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here is more information:

The device will be a braille decoder to be used inside a classroom in school. It will send data via Bluetooth to a computer. Expected use is about 4 tot 8 hours a day.
Voltage is not yet determined as we have not set the specs yet of the device, it will either be:

3V8 and 3V3 => power supply 40mAh


3V6 to 4V9 and 5V continuous (for USB) => power suply 125mAh

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I would go for a Li-Po since they are light weight and small for a handheld device like this. Perhaps it is a good idea to use a replacement battery for a cell phone, they are nice and compact. The one I have got in my cell is 6 x 39 x 65 mm 3.6Volts and 1200mAh 26g as an example. ;)

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