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Automatic Toilet paper roller and Cutter

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My name is Calvin Kim and i was wondering how this person got everything to work in a order..

here is the link:


He made it roll the toilet paper first then the bottim thing folded it and at last it cuts it. ???

I am really curious about how to do this.  I am trying to do this for a school project.  So how do i make everything go in an order?? casue if i did it everything would go at once. Please hlpe me.

Thank you,

Calvin Kim

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When the start button is depressed a three part timing cycle occurs.

1. Main motor begins to feed the paper CW.
2. After a few seconds the lower motor begins to turn CCW to wrap the paper.
3. Once the latter length is achieved the first two events end and the cutting tool completes the tear.

All of the above can be performed easily with three 555 timers, calculating the RC time constant in reference to the required timing concerning event 1, 2 & 3.

Additionally, all three motors will require a calculation to determine proper gearing.
Although, event 3 can utilize a simple servo; again, a geared motor.
Furthermore, more than likely all three 555 timers will each require an output transistor and probably a mini relay to sink the motors correctly.

View the .pdf data sheet concerning the 555 for more information concerning how to calculate the required RC timing for each event.
The design will require both mechanical and electrical knowledge.

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it also looks like Lego Mindstorms was used as well...and I am sure you can do it with a Mindstorms kit too...  They have built in motors and some sensors too...so it might be pretty easy to do with that too...

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