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Hard Disk Status LEDs from the Adaptec 2610SA SATA RAID Controller


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It is possible to wire up the Hard Disk Status LEDs from the Adaptec 2610SA SATA RAID Controller.
This controller has 6 ports and can connect up to 6 Hard Disks.

Here is a simple guide:

I want to build a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to store my stuff in a central place. After looking around, I found a free NAS software call FreeNAS. It is freeBSD based.

I bought a cheap 1U Rack mount server for use with the NAS. I also bought the Adaptec 2610SA from ebay and connect my hard disks as RAID1. I want to see the hard disk activities but the built in motherboard only shows hard disk activities attached to the IDE. So, I begin my search to extract the signal out from the Adaptec 2610SA itself. Then I build a simple LED panel to fit the 1U server....

So, here it is:


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