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Need Someone to Build This

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I need someone who can build exact assembled kit from http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/pc/023/index.html

But :
- Infrared diode replaced with EPD-525-0-1.4
- Infrared LED is empty, just give me 2 solder hole for that.

Shipping to Indonesia via EMS (Air Parcel Post).
Will pay using paypal or western union.
Payment made when I get photo of the assembled kit and shipping tracking number.
Please, mentioned your price.

I can't find matched component here :(

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Does this project work?
The IR diodes are forward biased which causes the connected gates to always have a high input level.
iR diodes should be reversed biased to generate leakage current or should have no bias to generate a small voltage.

Where can you get 200MHz and 400MHz crystals? The max crystal frequency is about 60mHz. Special overtone oscillators can multiply the frequency, but this circuit doesn't use them.

The schematic shows 74ASxx ICs but the text says that 74H series must be used.

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hi, freind,

the items of build this  is too more kinds.

if you can purchase more than  500 sets,i think we are glad to supply .

you know. if you only need one set, the price will be very very high( handing fee)

pls understand.

i come from china ,we  supply all kinds of components ,especialized in repair line.
payment accept PAYPAL.western union ,OR T.T.  shipment: EMS,OR FEDEX
we have some customer in Indonesia ,i hope we can establish long-term trade

pls give me e-mail if you need any component, sepeciately stop-producted,hand-find,
  MY msn: [email protected]    skype : michaelvisual


Essence technology(HK) limited

TEL: 86  754 6553962
FAX: 86  754 6755086


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