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hi genius guys

how ru
well plz plz help me i need ur urgent

i know how to convert TTL to ECL and ECL to TTL

but i want to ask u guys how to convert TTL to CMOS and CMOS to TTL & ECL to CMOS and CMOS to ECl

i have attached diagram of converting a TTL to Ecl so that u have an idea plz help me.
--- Bless you guys

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Ordinary TTL has a max input low current of 1.6mA. Ordinary Cmos has a minimum output low current of only 0.5mA (with a 5V supply) so Cmos cannot drive TTL. The max input low current of LS-TTL is 0.4mA so ordinary Cmos can drive one LS-TTL input low.

Ordinary TTL has an output high voltage that is too low to drive ordinary Cmos so a 2.2k pull-up resistor to the +5V supply is needed at the output of the TTL.

TTL can drive millions of Cmos inputs low.
Cmos can drive at least 10 TTL inputs high.

HC-Cmos can drive at least 2 ordinary TTL inputs.
Ordinary TTL can drive HCT-Cmos inputs high without a pull-up resistor.

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