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Re: Wave Bubble?

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How does the OP know it's not been implanted under his skin... Maybe it's not the car that's bugged.

I'm sure they have a wiretap and internet tap too.

Probably a keyboard logger in the mix. Does your keyboard cable seem odd in any way?

lol, no.

I read about that information BTW. They work together with 2 or more cars, sometimes several. And they also use voice communication. So if I turn off, they know and let the people that are nearest know about it. It's really happening to me.

I have a question. This transmiter on my car(s) is either 1 frequency, or frequency jumping. Wouldn't other things interfere with that? And wouldn't a jammer(Wave bubble) help confuse them at the very least?

Or would they just tune their tracking device to the frequency of the Wave Bubble and I'd be screwed that way?

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Ok, sorry. I'm getting somewhere with this, so thanks everyone for that.  :)

I ordered one of these.


Any ideas on how well this will help me detect something on my cars?

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I wish it were that easy. But I'm not on meds, nor do I need any.
Trust me, I wish this wasn't happening. I have better things to do.

Best way to counter an RF bug on my car, a way to block from being tracked?

Aluminum foil, wadded tightly and crammed into your car's exhaust tailpipe, will eliminate their being able to follow your automobile's movements.
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