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Electric field between a source and a sink in a sheet


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::)  I am sorry but I didnt undestand your quarey properly.... ???

The electric field on a sheet between a source and a sink is curved - as well as what appears to be straight between the source and the sink.  I am wondering how much the shape of these curves has to do with resistivity of the sheet, the direction and strength of any initial magnetic field within the sheet before the source and the sink were introduced, and what might be the cause of these curves.  I'd like to know if the resistance between the source and the sink varies directly as a function of distance.
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Maybe a better way of asking the question would be what is the equation for E - the electric field, between point electrical contacts on a sheet.  I mean a large sheet - up to two feet by two feet.  This might be different from the sheets that I've begun to associate with resistors - small and thin.  Is there one equation for different large sheets?  What types of equations are there describing this situation?  If there are different equations for different sheets, are there equations that relate E to properties of sheets - that are more descriptive than the name of the type of material composing the sheet? 

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