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DC motor controller


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Hi guys, im currently building robotic arm with dc motor control, i dont need it to be servo because its just an assignment. is it ok if directly plug in dc motor to pic and run it.

or use a H-bridge driver. Why dc motor needs a driver? other than H-bridge driver, what are other types of drivers that could be used?

So far i found out L297D is mostly used as H-bridge driver.

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Hello thavamaran

  Lot of what you want to do depends on what you want the robot to do. Electric motors will run a lot of things the trick is to get them to stop when you want them to. Most robots use stepper motors or servos because they can be controlled better.
    Pic microcontrollers  can be programed to do a lot of things but there outputs can only handle about 25ma so controlling a electric motor by itself is not going to happen, you would need some kind of driver for what ever motor you use.

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Hi guys, i have fixed the entire robotic arm with DC motor and L293B H bridge driver and its working very very well. its fantastic. but the problem is, i need use a power supply, power supply in sense those huge power regulators which you can adjust the voltage you need, because if i use normal power cord which supplies 9V and i pull it down to 5V via voltage regulator, the current is not enough to run the robotic arm, then i used 9V battery and yet its not enough.

the whole robotic arm only functions if i supply them with huge power supplies. the dc motor im using doesnt have a datasheet and i simply supply them with 5V across H-bridge. its those small DC motor for those toy cars. i dont really get the problem

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