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Solar panel output?


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I have a boat with dual battery setup.
I want to add a solar panel to the boat and hook it to the battery system through a regulator. The local shop has a powertech 10w for $109 this week and thinking its good to buy.
The details are
Max Power 10W
Rated          12v
Open circuit  21.5v
Short current  680mA

Can someone tell me how much power this will put back into a battery in say 1hour of full sun.
Or if there is a way i can work out myself? I want to have a radio on in the boat and the fish finder. the radio is 380mA and the fish finder is 140mA ..


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"Full sun" occurs only at noon if the sun is directly straight above the solar panel and it is pointing at the sun.
In the morning, in the afternoon, in the spring or in the fall (or winter) the sun is much less bright and the solar panel will produce much less power.

10W is not much power from a solar panel.
Your radio draws 4.6W per hour (depends on its volume setting) and the fish finder draws 1.68W per hour.

Then your battery will be drained for many hours in the morning and afternoon but be charged a little for only a few hours.

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