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Candle flicker led schematics?

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Im making a little volcano for my childs birthday party with dry ice etc, i want to put in a circle around the top inside about 6  orange leds what i want to flicker like a candle light,.
the led details are..

Emitted colour: orange
Lens: water clear
Wave length (mm): 600
Pd W (mW): 500
If mA: 75
If mA (peak): 100
Vf (V) Typ: 2.2
Vf (V) Max:: 2.6
mcd Typ: 30000
View Angle: 15

Just a simple circuit would be good.

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Hi stuee,

you might try this circuit.

It uses two timer ICs and a decimal counter.

Function: Timer1 (IC1) generates  the clock frequency of 380Hz for the counter while timer2 (IC2) generates enable pulses for the counter. Since the frequency ratio is not dividable with an integer result the decimal outputs are active pseudo randomly.

Connecting a low current LED to the diode network you might omit a current limiting resistor if VCC doesn't exceed +9V.

Using a power LED omit D8 and R5 and connect transistor Q1 (BD139) as shown. For your specified LED use an 82Ohm resistor for current limiting at VCC=+9V.

I recommend using two independant timer ICs since they might influence each other using a dual timer IC (NE556).




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