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Need Help Buiding the project using lm386


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Why didn't you post the schematic or link to it? It is this project:

The datasheet for the LM386 shows how to connect it. It does not use a 22 ohm resistor and it does not use a 0.22uF capacitor. It is supposed to be 10 ohms with a 0.05uF (use 0.047uF) capacitor.

The text lies about its output power of 1W. Its power at clipping with a 6V supply is only 0.2W and its power at clipping with a 12V supply is only 0.53W and the IC gets very hot.

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22E is the alternative reference of 22 ohms.
Lots of circuits refer to values such as 2E2 = 2.2 ohms, 680E = 680 ohms,
1E5 = 1.5 ohms,  330E = 330 ohms and so on .
I am sure this arises from the missing "omega" (ohm) font in most computers.

I don't know where you heard that but it seems wrong to me, perhaps it's foreign? It certainly isn't English.

Normally the letter R is used if it isn't possible to use Ω, for example: 22R = 22Ω, 2R2 = 2.2Ω and 0R22 = 0.22Ω. For larger values the prefix can be used instead of the decimal place, 2k2 = 2.2kΩ = 2,200Ω.

I've seen the letter W used on some foreign articles but never the letter E.

In my view the letter E should never for Ohms be used because it can be too easily be confused with the exponent, for example 125E3 = 125
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