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how this circuit works can u explain audioguru  ???
will this be efficient??

It is a garbage circuit that causes interference on many frequencies. It will barely work as an FM transmitter because its 9th harmonic (96.3MHz) is at a very low level.

Its fundamental oscillator is at the 10.7MHz of the crystal filter. It is a squarish-wave with many harmonics and the 9th harmonic (96.3MHz) is in the FM broadcast band.
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i am really confused what to do, i need a stable fm transmitter circuit and it must be smaller in size.... someone pls help ???

The MAX2606 FM transmitter IC comes in a small surface-mount package. It operates at a low current from a low supply voltage so its range is only about 20m.
Here is a project: http://electronicsprojects.mediadir.in/?p=1879

It is missing pre-emphasis equalization so it will sound muffled (no treble frequencies) when heard on an FM radio.


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It depends on what you're doing.

How good does the transmitter need to be?

Is it just a simple listening device which only needs to be telephone quality or is for a singer's mic. which needs to sound crystal clear?

If all you want to do is build a simply listening device a simple two transistor FM transmitter will do. It doesn't need pre-emphasis or anything fancy.

If it's a singer's mic. then you need a high quality amplifier with pre-emphasis.

Either way the circuit originally posted is a bad idea because it will generate lots of interference on other radio bands.

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