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F45/48A Cordless phones SAW Duplexer

Type ------------------------------- F45/48A
Center Frequency (MHz) ------------- 45.25/48.25
Out-of-Band Rejection (DB) --------- ≥ 37
REPLACEion Loss --------------------- ≤ 5
Passband Ripple (DB) --------------- ≤ 2
Temperature Coefficient ppm/℃ ------ -72
1dB Bandwidth (MHz) ---------------- ≥ 0.5
Package ---------------------------- SA01

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It's not found on Google.

It looks like a relay, I doubt you'll be able to get a datasheet for it but you can probably easily figure out the pin out using a multimeter.

If it's not a relay, then I have a feeling, it could be an IF filter, probably 455kHz.

What does the board do?

How about posting a picture of the whole board?

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