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A cool project website i found


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Hey guys tell me what u think of this site ( http://www.project-world.co.cc )

I found it when looking for schematics and really like it.  Anyone know any better sites? anyone like this site?

It has copies of the amplifiers from Red Circuits and even has the defective 12VDC to 120VAC inverter that is from Aaron Cake's site and is also copied here.
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It's a matter of opinion I suppose but I'm not very impressed.

The colour scheme makes my eyes sore.

I thought about going around copying loads of projects for Silicon Tronics but I decided against it, even if it would increase the amount of traffic. In the end I decided to slowly add more projects to it and not make too much of an effort because it's Dazza's site, not mine and I don't know how low he's interested in keeping it up for.

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The inverter has its capacitors connected with backwards polarity which causes them to blow up.
If the polarity is corrected then the capacitors still blow up because the transistors have avalanche breakdown when the bases try to go down to -23V (their max allowed voltage is -7V). The avalanche breakdown causes very high current pulses in the capacitors and wastes a lot of power.

The transistors do not have enough base current to be used in an inverter anyway.
Before it blows up its output is about 25W at a low voltage.

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WOW!!! Glad you was here, I would have built that and got a huge bang.  :o

Is there any other simple inverter schematics ( As simple the one that wont work ) that I can build? The output power doesn't need to be that high maybe 50 Watts @ 120V.

I have an idea for an inverter that doesn't have a transformer, it uses a bunch of capacitors to increase the voltage ( DC Voltage multiplier ) up to 120V and have 3 or 4 running in parallel to allow me to get a higher current, then use 4 transistor and a microcontroller to allow me to go from DC to AC @ xxhz ( Or some other way of going from DC to AC ). Only down site it will be a square ware rather that a sign wave so its use is limited....

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Most simple inverters have a square-wave output that will not power many electronic items.
Their output voltage is not regulated so is too high with a light load and is too low with a heavy load. The unregulated output voltage also drops as the battery runs down.

A good sine-wave inverter uses high frequency pulse-width-modulation and a small ferrite transformer. It has good voltage regulation.

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A transformer is about 97% efficient. 3% of the energy is lost. You cannot make an inverter without a transformer.

That depends on the size of the transformers, small mains transformers are very inefficient, typically 50% for a 1VA unit, larger transformers are much more efficient 98%.

Superconducting transformers are 99.9% efficient.
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