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need help creating a simple circuit.


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Hi everyone, i'm pretty new to electronics and i have a question.

Well first of all, i made a simple light circuit with 10v bulbs. and as i don't have any resistors i took my old phone charger wich outputs 4,9v. Connecting it to the outlet, i figured that the lights don't get enough power.

but if i were to remove the charger and make a normal plug for it, i suppose all the bulbs would be burnt, as the outlet gives 230v.

so what can i do to make this work?

- Thanks in advance.

-- sorry if my english isn't easy understanding. I'm a dane ::)

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Parallel is best because it means that if one lamp fails, the rest will continue working and you can safely mix bulbs with different power ratings.

Of course you could use a 50V transformer and connect them all in series but you're better off with a 9V/10V transformer and connecting them in parallel.

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