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Cross Reference for PCR 606J


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It is so annoying, these Chinese-made devices with non-standard part numbers.

Anyway, apparently the PCR606 is a thyristor in a T0-92 package with the following key specs:

V(DRM): : 400 v

V(RRM) : 400 v

IT(RMS) : 0.8 A

I(GT) :  V(AK)=7V

Max IGT=200 uA

V : 1.7 V

Try this:



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Let me guess, it's a set of Christmas tree lights?

Any TO-92 SCR with an adequate voltage rating will probably do but be careful with the pin-out. It might be a good idea to check the pin-out for the one that works before getting a replacement.

I have some old Christmas tree lights I'm throwing way. I ripped open the controller and found four XL1225 SCRs which I'll desolder and test. The controller IC is marked SU168 which could be anything. It's a typical example of shoddy cheap Chinese construction and looks like a five year old put it together which is probably true.

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