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Please recommend a Good Electronics Book


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I want to get a good book on electronics. My main interest would be Power Electronics.

I'm not a complete beginner, so it doesn't need to cover basics..

I've heard mentions of "The Art Of Electronics" but this was last revised in 1989. I'm hoping for something more modern that would also deal with the newer semiconductor devices available.


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What is your technical background

Cybernetics degree. Currently studying physics. Made low volt, low power electronics (mostly digital) for work and hobby for about 15 years. Digital electronics is pretty straight forward. Gets a bit more tricky at high frequency, but things would just not work rather than blow up as with the high power stuff!

What do you mean by power electronics

High currents (<1kA), high volts (<1kV)
I'd like to learn enough to one day build (and not destroy) an SSTC.
So it would involve things like..... Driving power MOSFET's, IGBT's, high / low side bridge drivers, inductive loads, SMPS design, thermal management, EMI suppression etc.

What will the book be used for

To feed my ever hungry brain!

I suppose I should get more than one book really so I'll get The Art of Electronics and see what else there is.
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You dont need to know so much for a functional SSTC, but I like your mindset. In fact, if more people with your mindset entered higher eductation I believe the world would be a different place.

This book:


is highly regarded in academia as it contains ample theory on topologies and semiconductor devices. But my god that is expensive. Maybe you should review it in a bookshop before buying it.

This book:


Is a good blend of theory and practical application hints for SMPS. However it doesn't go into as much depth in transformer design as this book:


Maybe a book on SSTCs will bring all this knowledge together.

For EMI, this is one of the best, good layout:


But this is cheaper and maybe you dont need all of the knowledge in the book above.


For general electronics I dont think there is a single book that even scratches the surface of the science. There are some good books that focus on circuit analysis and a few others on analogue electronics. I have found myself learning basic principles from different sources and then I find specific books relevant to each project. Maybe the Art of Electronics is worth reviewing.

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Hi, Alex. I am new to this forum having just found it and saw your question. There are thousands of books out there on so many topics but start with "The Art of Electronics". I think you will find a later revision. I have a friend who lectures Electronics at Wits University. He recommends this book to his students.
You will find him at  http://YingTongDiddleiPo.ee.wits.ac.za/

We are all forever learning

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You mentioned Practical Electronics for Inventors. I have a 2000 copyright edition, and i understand the most recent is 2005. I have not seen the first edition, nor the 2005, however, usually, (not always) Authors update and add information for any changes, or newer technology.

I also agree with prior post that the Art of Electronicsis an good starting place

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