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Design new 0 to 30V power supply.

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That does seem odd that the voltage shot up so high when the current limit was increased.

Did it go back down to 12V or did it stay at 22V?

Tha't's not what I intended, although it will work.

The zener was never intented to be a regulated voltage source, it's just there to ensure that the voltage to the op-amp never exceeds 39V.

It might be better that way because the supply to the op-amp will be more stable.

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Hopefully with a bank holiday here I might get chance to have a look, I shall have a run over the PCB with a scope when the voltage shoot's up and see why the R20 is messing around with the current,
I know it should not but it does I can get upto 8amps by messing around with that.

I have checked my schematic against yoour and to me it's correct, Can you just double check it got me jsut incase it's wrong



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