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home remote control from hell


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i bought a pretty standard(i thought) remote control and receiver set, DIY. when I got home the instructions were super limited. I hooked the receiver up to the power but could not figure the rest out no matter how i tried, there were no further instructions and the website did not have the diagramme on it and they did not answer their phones. it has 5 points to connect wires into. starting from left to right: NO, NC, COM, NEG-, NEG+. I hooked the power up to neg- and Neg + but none of the other combinations buzzes my gate latch? the instructions to learn the remote is also different, the lights flash differently to what it says on the instructions.
please pleas please please help me??????????
it is a "sentry 1-channel code hopping receiver" from martin electronics./www.martinelectronics.co.za

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The output is simply the contacts of a relay:
NO means normally open.
NC means normally closed.
COM means common.

See attached for a picture of what the switch looks like in the inactivated state.

This is standard electrical engineering nomenclature, you'll see NO, NC and COM on many products.

I don't know what NED- and NEG+ means, I assume it's the power supply and you've connected it up correctly.

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