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I use LTSpice which is good because it has a simulator built-in. You need to have a few custom libraries before it's really useful as there are some components it doesn't have

I disagree with audioguru, MS Paint isn't very good for schematics, there are much better programs. MS Paint is only good for retouching schematics posted by others or created by other programs i.e. adding a switch to an LTSpice schematic.

Schematics can be copied from LTSpice and pasted in to MS Word.

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By diagrams I think you mean circuit schematics.

EAGLE is prob the easiest, and common, software to import schematics and then transfer them to PCB.
Multisim can also be used and it also offers a simulator and PCB design.
TINA as above.
Altium (also Cadence) is by far the best package you can get your hands on. It might take you a while to master, but you can import schematics, simulate and do PCB design in the most convenient way.
LTSpice is also good. Apart from not having a PCB editor integrated I find the user interface a bit time-wasting.

Some of the above are free or partly free.

There are also two packages to import designs as if they were on a breadboard or a stipboard. If you are interested I will look for the names.

You must be joking with MS-Paint or MS-anything.

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I also use Crocodile Clips, Tina, Electronics Workbench. see the schematic attached (left to right). They might not be the best simulators, but they're good for schematics.

Always use GIF or PNG for schematics, never JPG as it can be fuzzy especially after multiple saves.

Reducing the colour depth also helps to save space and ensure a faster upload/download; I use Gimp to do this. For simple black and white drawings 1-bit is good, for simple coloured schematics 4-bit is good, for more colourful schematics 8-bit acceptable.

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I found a good free schematic and PCB routing program, its been around for awhile its open gpl called KiCad, takes a little to get ued to but it has some awesome features. and its all free. just Google KiCad.
ps: if you try it and look for a tutorial don't use the one on indestructible s web site they left out a few steps and make the program very confusing, like most of there tutorials. don't bother with them unless you want to subscripe to there club  
A good tutorial is at  http://kicad.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Mini_tutorial

KiCad has  a Manual in the  doc files in the KiCad folder in the doc folder click on  help folder and then click on your language.

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