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Reset on 2-digit LED counter

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I'm looking to make a simple scoreboard out of a couple 2-digit LED counters.  I found something that looks pretty simple to use here: http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/k1046.html , but I have a couple questions.

1) is there any way to add a reset to this item?  so I wouldn't have to go to 99 before getting back to zero?

2) is there a way to wire two buttons to the counter instead of the one shown?  I think this means wiring in parallel?


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Have you tried calling or writing to them?

Emails are too easy to ignore or get blocked by a spam filtering system.

We won't be able to help you give us the schematic or at least a clear photograph of the PCB so we know what counter IC is used.

Otherwise it's like asking a mechanic what's wrong with your car without telling him whether it's fuel injected, the engine size, number of cylinders, etc.

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