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NL5 Circuit Simulator

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I'm wondering why I did not post here about NL5 simulator a year ago, when it was officially released. However it's not too late, so here it is.
In a few words, NL5 is not SPICE-based, that's why it can do some things that SPICE simulators can not (including free LTSpice). It works reliably with true ideal components, and has some really useful and unique features. Good for students, as well as professionals. No more words, just try it.

Free Demo (no license required, just download and use) is full-fucnctional, with 20 components limit. Students may get 1-year free trial license: simply mention your Institution in the Trial license request.

Any problems - I can help.


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When one buys a program, more often than not, they don't only buy the software but a support package i.e. updates and technical support. I wonder how far you'd get if you called the helpline about a problem caused by installing a certain update and you tell them you're using Ubuntu when they ask you what operating system you're using.  ::)

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Oh, I see what you mean.

That's right, I do not provide "support" neither for Linux nor Windows installation, and in fact you won't need it. NL5 is just one file, nl5.exe. There are no dlls hidden in system directories or anywhere else. What you need is copy nl5.exe on hard drive, or even run it from any media, like flash drive or network. For updates or new versions simply replace nl5.exe with a new one.
For Wine, you have to know how to run windows applications there. I can't help with that, I'm not using Linux, sorry!

As for technical support, if Manual or Help reference does not help, you can use NL5 forum, submit question at nl5 website contact page, or better drop email at nl5@sidelinesoft.com. You can call 970-414-0515 as well: this is Sidelinesoft "official" phone, but it's not always available.

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