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I would like to suggest an electrontube catalog application for Windows and Linux operation systems (32 bit only). It is Tubes, v1.0. Download it from http://www.pozsarzs.hu. (Click on flag to English.) It is totally free for use. The database of this catalog is growing continuously, on-line refreshing are all odd weeks, on Tuesday.
There is an on-line pin-out searcher for valves on this page. It use common database with Tubes.

You can find on this site an semiconductor catalog what name is Eliza. Current release is 1.1pre1. Release date of the first stable version: 01. March 2010. On-line refreshing are all even weeks, on Tuesday (first occasion: 08. March 2010.)
There is an on-line pin-out searcher for semiconductors, but it is out of order, because its database is not ready.


On-line pinout seacher:


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Hello, thank you for suggesting these.

Have you developed these? I only refer to datasheets when I need specifications. But I can see the benefit of having a quick look at key characteristics.

How about a stock database for a home electronics laboratory? This will include location of components, state (new, used, salvaged etc) key specifications, possibly pictures? You could do it with Excel or with a front-end to an SQL database. What do you think?

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