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Does Anyone Have a Use for "Junk" Electronics?

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Hello All,

I've been hanging on to a bunch of electronic junk for a long time now, and have finally decided to get rid of it:

Palm Pilot IIIx (not working)
Sirius Starmate radio (not working)
Mustek ScanMagic 1200 UB Plus scanner (working, AFAIK)
Nokia cell phone wall chargers (working, AFAIK)
Satellite TV boxes (working, AFAIK)
Xbox controller (working, but cord broken in several places)
Old, old Game Boy Rechargeable battery pack
Faxmodem for the Tandy Zoomer PDA w/ wall adapter (working, AFAIK)
Boss Dr. Beat DB-66 Metronome (

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Hello again.  It looks like you guys don't use this kind of stuff.  Too bad, because I hate, hate, hate to throw things away if there is any possible use for them.  Fortunately I found out that our local recycling center is accepting most of this stuff.

I did manage to find a couple of things that are in good working condition:  a Timex Sinclair 2068 Personal Color Computer and a MMT-8 Sequencer, both with manuals.

Please let me know if you are interested.



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Hello Hero999.

Thanks for letting me know about Freecycle--that's an excellent idea.

I actually am thinking about selling the Sinclair and MMT-8 on Ebay, but with the Ebay/Paypal fee double whammy I just might move on over to Craigslist.  Also, just in general, Ebay is becoming more and more of a pain for sellers.  If I do sell these on Ebay they will probably be among the last.

Thanks again for the response.



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