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Amplification and loss

Kevin Weddle

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An amplifier has gain, not loss. You can reduce the gain with negative feedback or reduce the input and output with a volume control at the input.

If you need to reduce a signal after amplifying it then the input level is too high or the amplifier's gain is too high.

If your amplifier causes distortion then it has a design problem.

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It is desirable for an audio amplifier to have extremely low distortion. Then it has a very high open-loop gain and uses plenty of negative feedback to reduce the gain to a useable amount and the negative feedback reduces the already fairly low distortion.

If you attenuate a signal so that an audio amplifier can have a high gain without much negative feedback then its distortion will be much higher.

If an audio amplifier needs to have a high gain like for a microphone then a low distortion preamp amplifies the signal so that a very low distortion power amplifier can be used.

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