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Potential free USB ?

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Hello out there.

I am wondering if I could build some device based on optocouplers (or other solution),
to seperate a USB device from the PC to make it potential free.
Of course the device to be seperated could not be powered via USB.
In other case I would be forced to use at least a transformer to power the device through USB.

Does anyone know how to do that or has even seen such thing before?
Any ideas for a solution?

Best regards,


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You can use a USB2ISO device - that comes complete with BOX, ADUM4160 and isolated 5V power supply.

Check it out here: http://electronics-shop.dk/usb-isolator

It can be used for any full speed USB device - and also some High speed devices that can run at Full speed.

Great for removing ground loops and potential of up to 1KV.

And the price is kept low at only around $50 for all 3 parts with a 2 year warranty.

Best Regards,


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