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where i work (pic)


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log in to see pictures of my office!  the software seen is my first ever C# project,  although i've got plenty of C++ experience (among other..)

the xray on screen is of my own right hand, but from a few months ago.  the X-CELL unit (in picture) is a real xray machine but it is usually not there and used only for DR panel calibration at some designated times  (research and development purposes)

the silver briefcase contains the motherboard for a high-end xray generator.  it is being used as a simulator, but we will be testing later on the real thing  :D.  it is controllable through RS232 and xray exposures can be triggered through the protocol, as well

i am building a 'remote serial port' during yesterday/today that should allow control of a stand-alone RS232 DTE across a network or the internet  8)  see picture also of that  (no parts are soldered-  i will be doing that in a couple hours!)




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its finished now (see pic), but i didn't plug in the power yet.

first, of course, i need to check most (if not all) connections. already i had to use an exacto knife to clean between several traces, before adding components.  for typical signal routes on a self-done PCB, i use 12.5mil wide traces with 12.5mil clearance.  toner transfer method.

the new triacs worked well in the toaster oven. i think i'm using a duty cycle of 35% 1sec.  these ones dont become quite so hot and i think they switch off more effectively because the heating elements never became red-hot (as they did with lower amperage triac), but 400degrees farenheight came in a few minutes.  this board didn't burn.  my biggest reflow mistake was using too much solder paste   ::)   needed to de-bridge all 3 ICs

i'm also a little sad i didn't add some status LEDs or anything-  although the RJ45 jack has 2 inside of it anyway


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