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Portable charger?!


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It uses a boost converter to get 5V from the little AA battery.

This is a silly idea because AA batteries are expensive compared to recharging the phone and if you use rechargeables you might as well just charge the phone in the first place.

What a complete and utter waste of money? You'd have to be an idiot to buy it.

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You can make a simple circuit that produces thousands of volts from an AA cell.

But a cell-phone battery has a capacity of about 800mAh and charges at 200mA.
A name-brand AA alkaline cell has a capacity of only 1000mAh at a high current output and when its voltage drops to only 1.0V.

The voltage stepup circuit is about 80% efficient so the 5V output is 200mA and the input from the AA cell is 1A.
Therefore the AA cell can charge the cell phone only once.

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In defense of the product, since it must work, it seems useful. My cell phone is nearly always fully charged and takes only minutes to recharge with an AC charger. Plus, you can maintain a full charge without access to a power outlet. The circuit must be power efficent and could include a variety of DC to DC conversion methods. And it is designed specifically for it's purpose.

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