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public counting sysytem


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Nice idea for a project.
    What would you read the data on?  How would you know if a person walked in a room or out? I Think it would take two sensors working together, so the logger would know what direction someone was going. Could be done, but on what. Could use a micro-controller and a LCD or even use 7 segments for the counter. Two ir detectors set at angles could track the movement. 

What part do you need help with rpbz?

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Personally Id put sensors on the door handles to tell which side they are coming from(in or out) and use the in conjunction with another sensor that reads whether the door was opened or not(to prevent false positives).

So you need 2 AND gates to monitor the coming and goings of the people and a COUNTER for the number of people.

And we dont do the foot work for you on this, come back w/ some ideas/schematics

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