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I confuse with that component (2N3906) related to the pin connection. Some of the datasheets shows that the pin is C-B-E while others shows E-B-C...i don't know how to recognize and match it to the available datasheet because my component doesn't have symbol or brand on it.

can someone help me please? thanks....

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This is the problem with using no name parts, using branded parts solves the problem.

Do you have a multimeter meter with a  transistor test function?

If so the gain will be higher when the collector and emitter are connected to it the right way round.

Another option is to build the test schematic attached.

Note, that it's designed for an NPN transistor as yours is a PNP transistor, you must reverse the power supply.

The collector-emitter voltage will be lower, when the emitter and collector connections are right than when they're the wrong way round. All right to be pedantic if it's a PNP transistor, the voltages will be negative so you could say its the other way roun but don't let that confuse you. For example if you measure -2.5V when the collector and emitter pins are connected one way and -4.5 when they're connected the other way, the way they were connected when the voltage was -2.5V is correct.

The the supply voltage range is 3V to 6V. Don't go any higher than 6V because it will destroy a transistor if the emitter and base connections are worn.

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