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LED driver

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From what voltage source? Batteries? Power supply unit? Wall wart?

To get the right mA to your LEDs, use this formula:

R = (Vs - Vl) / I

where R = resistance
Vs = power supply voltage
Vl = sum of LED voltages (check, but probably 2v ea)  
I = LED mA = 30mA

you could hook them all up from a 12V DC source - having 5 LEDs per 'leg' and have 10 'legs' in parallel....  with some quick calculations that's

R = (12 - (5x2)) / 0.030
  = 67

so you have 5 LEDs hooked up in series with a 67 ohm resistor....... then hook up 10 in parallel with power supply.

the circuit draws 30mA x 10 = 300mA

so you just need a 12V DC power supply capable of delivering 300mA (easy to buy, find or make!)

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