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Best place to buy an air conditioner?


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We found our own place rather than going with my husband's school-provided housing. We've been happy with this, but there's no air conditioner in the apartment, and that will be a problem soon. Since we bought all our other furniture (including washer/dryer and fridge), is it out of line to ask (politely of course) if his school might be able to provide a new or used air conditioner? The tall ones (which it seems like we'll need for a two-person apartment) can be quite pricey.

If the school can't or won't provide an air conditioner, where are good places to look for decently priced ones? Homeplus? Hi-Mart? Are air conditioners something that can be bought used?


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I think you'd be pushing your luck asking for them to pay for an air conditioner.

For buying one, check if someone is selling one via online classifieds - maybe one second hand- but quite new, i.e. they bought it 2 months ago and now are moving overseas, etc.

And make sure you get good warranty! You can sometimes negotiate extended warranties (on site) down to 20% of the asking price as these have a huge profit margin. 

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