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[CONTEST] WIN great books and LCD modules


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Why let your projects lying in a corner of your hard disk?

Make them available to the world...

...and enter the chance to win great prizes

Submit your project or article to webmaster @ electronics-lab.com as an attachment until 31 May 2010 with your name and contact e-mail address. Files are preferred to be in a zip format and source files should be in a common file format like .doc .pdf .html etc. Subject of the e-mail must be: "Submission for Electronics-Lab.com contest".  All projects will be published under "Projects" section or "Articles" section with your name and e-mail.
You can submit more than one project/circuit to achieve more chances to win.

The winner will be selected randomly and he/she will be contacted for gift shipping details. Shipping costs are part of the prize, so you will not pay anything for receiving your gift.

A list of submitted projects will be published here

A project or article to be accepted it must:

1. Designed by you.
2. Contains clear schematic and optional photos
3. Has at least a short description
4. Be approved by moderator (you will notified if your project accepted or not)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at the same e-mail address.

Take ACTION today !

Get prize details here

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