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Power Supply for capacitor bank

Silent Jack

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I appreciate you reformatting the image to a more suitable file format so that it will be of more help to others reading our ongoing discussion.  How would you modify the circuit to use that portion of the LM393 as you propose?  I was unaware this was possible.  Also, since the bank is now a fraction of the size it was originally designed at,  I was considering adding a second identical bank and charging it alongside the other so as to reduce service downtime.  What is the simplest way to accomplish this?

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What open ends? There's only one which is the output and that's because I forgot to label it.

U1 is an oscillator and performs exactly the same function as the 555 in your circuit, look up Schmitt trigger comparator oscillator on Google for more information.

U2 is a comparator which shuts off M1 when the output voltage is high enough, similar to the comparator in your circuit which stops the 555 oscillating.

V2 represents a voltage reference which can be an LM78L05, TL431 or just a potential divider from the 12V power supply.

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Thank you for the additional explaination, it is helping.  The part I asked about being "open" are the highlighted areas of this image.  I don't recognize this notation or symbol.  I've made certain to keep it in the more legible PNG format that you recommended.  Overall, I am endevouring to improve my overall understanding of symbols, circuit diagrams, and the flow and function of the circuit and components.  I appreciate your continued efforts in aiding my ellucidation.


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Well, the diagram you posted has two LM393's much like the one I am working from.  Mine labels the pins used on each and uses differing symbols, suggesting different purpose.  U1, in my diagram has pins 8 & 4 connected; these are designated as Vcc & gnd respectively.  While U1.1 specifies that pins 1, 2 & 3 are connected; designated Output1, IN1(-) & IN1(+).  I note, based on the diagram that pins 1, 2 & 3 seem to correspond to pins 7, 6 & 5.  If these two pin sets are capable of the same things, and if as it appears there is no overlap in pin usuage, why are two used?  Would it not be possible to use a single chip to perform the needed functions?  Also, which portion of the IC supplants the use of the 555 you mentioned?

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