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Planning to get a new temperature controlled Soldering Iron

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Hi Guys, i have been using a 25W Solderon soldering iron for the past 15 years. i used a fine chisel tip with it, earlier i have been working with normal PCBs, but now since most of the PCB now have become more of SMD type and are much smaller in size, i am planning to get a new temperature controlled soldering iron. We have a distributor of goot products here. I tried finding about weller but no body stock them here due to high prices and less users for such quality tools. Actually there are a lot of cheap Chinese products available here at much lower prices.

I found three models from goot, one is Mini-Soldering Stations/ Soldering Controllers PX-501, PX-601 with a power of 80W and temperature range 250-450C (i'll go for the PX-501 as the only additional feature in PX-601 is that the temperature control knob is covered with a protective cover and it has facility to measure leakage current and insulation resistance but i can do without these). both these models are available in antistatic versions

The second is a Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron PX-201 with a power of 70W and temperature range 250-450C with a ceramic heater. the temperature setting knob is on the soldering iron itself. however it is not an antistatic product.

The third is a Precision Assembly Soldering Iron PX-251AS with specs same as the second one but is an antistatic version and does not have the temperature control on the Iron but in a separate supply as the first PX-501 and PX-601.

Although my trusty old 25W solderon iron still works and i have a hot air analog ( the air flow rate and heater can be set by knobs but no digital display) soldering/desoldering station also, if i buy a new temperature controlled soldering iron, which would you guys recommend from the above three choices and is it worth paying the extra for antistatic products?

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