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Element and manufacturer identification?


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Hi, i have a problem with one element on PCB of the base of iRobot Roomba 560 (picture of the part of the scheme is here 1772-irobot%20roomba%20base%20scheme%20-,
specifically D15, D16, marked as ME 71. Can anybody tell which company is a manufacturer of it, and what is it (diode may be)? Also , if anybody knows where to get the spec for this element (or similar 812 ME, it was on the same position but in another device), i would appreciate it very much!
Thanks! http://static.electro-tech-online.com/imgcache/1772-irobot%20roomba%20base%20scheme%20-%20ME%2071%20element.jpg

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Yes it's a diode, it's not marked so it's impossible to know the manufacturer or part number.

It probably isn't important and it can be replaced with a diode with a high enough current rating. The trouble is you don't know what the current rating is either. My advice is, try replacing it with a Schottky diode in the same package wich as high a current rating as you can find.

How do you know that the diode is the only component which is damaged? You don't, even if you do replace it with an adequately rated diode, it still might not work.

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Yes, Hero999, you right, i don't know for sure that this is the inly broken element. But this is my best bet so far, at least change this element, which is obviously broken :-) Problem is i don't have any idea about current rating of this element, will have to make some research about highest available. Are there some general rules about SMD diodes marking?

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So far i put there instead of ME 71 another diode with similar package size (again, i'm not sure which one! It has one blue line on anode side, but no letters or numbers). The device works :-) Those SMD elements seems to be very difficult to identify :-( I can't find this ME 71 on Vishay site.

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