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Can anyone please list their favorite electronic part and equipment suppliers. I like places that have bulk bags of supplies containing a variety of resistor values or jumpers for instance. A lot of the places I've seen online are somewhat inexpensive put they kill you on the shipping. I would buy more from Digikey but finding what you need with their catalog is somewhat daunting.

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I've run into the same problem.  Their search functions are largely useless, thumbnails are largley nonexistant and the language they use is impenetrable.  I've been having trouble finding a simple pair of round 2 conductor plugs on any of the major suppliers.  If you like variety and ease of use, you can try electronics goldmine.  They're pretty affordable and have a often varying inventory of oddiments, as well as the common, basic components that you'd expect to find.

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I just ordered through Newark. They are reasonably priced and I was able to get lots of stuff for just over $5. I looked at their shipping and it can be as little as $4 something. Their search is very precise and you can select what kind of mounting you would like, power tolerance ect. The packaging was nice as well and many components came in a static shield. Based on my one order, I would highly recommend this company.

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maybe you can try to find a agency in the country that you want to inport ,if so  ,it's more convient and can keep long-term cooperation ,if you want to buy any thing in china ,i 'm so plesure to help you .

Mandy Zhang
Linan Tanlix Cable Co.,Ltd.
MSN:[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected]

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As far as jumper wire go, I have had very good experience using telephone wire, just make sure that is is not stranded wire. When using the wire as jumpers the wire goes a long way and is not very expensive. There are several wires in there and you don't need much wire. I was able to pick up about 4 feet of the stuff from Home Depot for just over one dollar.

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