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IR Remote to receiver / 4x 240v Relays.

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Can someone help me put all this together?
I want to make a IR 4 chan remote (that can go around 20 to 50m) and a receiver that can turn each chan to a relay output?

Im not e expert but know a little, thats why im asking :-*


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I forgot to mention the parts i have.

5mm IR receiver

2x JW1FH-DC12V  - 12v- 10A/240v  RELAY

2x  12V SPDT - 10A / 240v  - RELAY

I also have a mini remote that off a different old stereo i would like to use, i dont know how to use it on this unit im going to build though, or i could just make a new remote and pout in a small box.

Any help or schematics would be appreciated.


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What happned to the other thread?

Did you delete it? Don't do that again, not after someone has already replied to it, you shouldn't be able to do it anyway.

Your spec's have changed since last time.

Is it possible to use a 4 button key fob or something simular to turn on relays to items no more than 5A each at a distance of less than 10m line of sight.
6 button would be better but 4 will do the trick.

Now you want 20m to 50m  which is less practical than 10m using IR.

What's the frequency of the remoter from the old stereo? Have you checked that it matches the receiver you've found on Jaycar?

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