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People shouldn't be able to delete a thread they've receive replies!


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I've noticed that it's possible to create a thread and delete it, after others have replied, even if you're not a moderator.

This is not a good thing because it means someone could ask for help, then delete the thread when they don't like the answers, even though people have spent time replying to it.

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All right, as long as you're happy with that.

All I'll say is that I disagree because an original poster deleting their own thread could mean that those who've responded to it might be upset as they feel they're wasted their time. I also don't think people should be allowed to edit their posts after others have already responded as it's caused problems in the past.

I have a suggestion: if someone deletes their own thread after someone has spent time responding to it I'll undelete it,  send them a PM explaining why and if they don't like it they can talk to you, who can then decide what is best and I'll respect your decision whatever it is. Is that all right?

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I'm getting fed up with this.

Recently someone created a thread asking for help so I responded, then they deleted their thread.

Well I don't care whether you do anything about this or not. If anyone deletes their thread, after someone has replied to it, I'll undelete it and send them a polite message saying they shouldn't be able to do it so could they please refrain from doing it.

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