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bluetooth pendrive

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I am thinking about interfacing a bluetooth dongle with a pendrive with power from external battery.

what i want to happen is that once the bluetooth and the pendrive is interfaced and power is delivered to the device, i want to use a 3rd party blue tooth device to access the file on the pendrive. can antone suggest me any guideline..

I am hoping to make it as my final year project... But really out of information and clue..

thank in advance..

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I think that you need to build it entirely yourself to use it as you final project.
If not I would recommend the Mulle-Platform available at: http://staff.www.ltu.se/~jench/mulle.html

A sample DIY Setup could be the following:

Renesas M16C uController (M16C/6C for full USB2.0 connectivity)
Purchase from: http://www.renesas.com/products/mpumcu/m16c/m16c_landing.jsp

RTOS Embeded Linux kernel for M16C
Download from: http://www.rowebots.com/products/free_rtos

Bluetooth Stack:
IwBT Stack as used in the Mull-Platform (see Link above)

USB 2.0 Stack:
Incorporated in RTOS Linux (see Link above)

FAT 16/32 Support incorporated in RTOS Linux. Runs nearly out of the box and is
USB-Stick compatible. (see Link above)

Easy USB Connectivity:
Consider the M16C/6C as a USB developer Kit.

Did I forget something? =)

Good Luck.

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