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I don't have an oscciliscope, is there any other accurate means of obtaining a signals
Know anything about residual frequency, or how to achieve anti-gravity?
I also wired up an invention that takes oily,contaminated waste water and through a
process,recycles the water and separates all dirt,fuel/oils,ect. For use at any company
that has ,operates,or uses vehicle/machinery wash racks.Complies w/EPA,local laws.
If any interest,I could share design schematics.

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The signal can be converted to a clock signal with an opamp. A counter will set the last bit after a number of clock pulses. This bit can be used to power an LED, which will flash. An analog voltmeter or digital voltmeter can measure AC up to a maximum frequency and amplitude across a capacitor. But it would not be very accurate.

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