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High Voltage low amperage

Silent Jack

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I was planning to run the project off a battery.  Are flybacks an effective choice when using a battery?

An extremely heavy car battery?
Didn't you hear me that it uses 200W?

A transformer is driven from an oscillator (a 200W power oscillator for yours). A TV flyback is tuned and operated at the TV's horizontal frequency (15,750Hz in North America).
The output of the flyback transformer is AC.
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No, lead acid batteries are far too heavy.  I was looking at maybe NiMH or more likely some LiPo batteries commonly used on RC cars and the like.  Looking at 3-6AmpH class batteries.  Might lean towards 12V, since there is so much standard stuff for that as far as wiring and other components.  Safety is of course important and any good suggestions on grounding/shielding are welcome and appreciated.

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